Terms and Conditions


Our Emergency tradesman can normally arrive at your property within 90 minutes from paying your deposit online and submitting your booking form or over the phone when making a telephone booking and payment.


In some instances this may take up to 3 hours ie weather conditions, heavy traffic, countryside areas, busy periods and vehicle breakdown.


Our average arrival time is 69 minutes day or night, 365 days a year.


Domestic Customers - Any deposit paid represents half of the hourly rate stated, please click the 1st pay now button on the next page after submitting your booking form or when making a telephone booking and payment.


Business Customers including landlords, hotels, letting agencies are required to pay an hour upfront - please click the 2nd pay now button on the next page after submitting your booking form or when making a telephone booking and payment.


If the tradesman arrives at your property and you do not wish for him to attend to the problem, then the minimum charge is still an hour charge.


All balances to be paid at the end of attendance on the day.


Parts are not included in the hourly rate and will be added if required.


Balances including parts will be required to be paid in 2 parts, our required balance as notified and part balance to be paid to the tradesman directly, normally cash, card or bank transfer, no cheques but the tradesman will let you know his preference.


Any cancellations must be made ONLY BY Calling our telephone number within 5 minutes of paying your deposit.


After that time the tradesman would have been actioned and the deposit is non refundable.


The only reason we are able to pay back a deposit is if we can not get a tradesman out to you with 5 hours.


Before you make your deposit payment, please make sure that your details are correct including post code, mobile number etc and your address spelt correctly.


There is a 1 hour minimum charge per tradesman, per attendance.


The hourly rate starts as soon as the tradesman arrives on site and makes contact.


The hourly rate continues if the tradesman has to leave site (your property) to get any parts required to rectify your job.


The rate booked is the rate charged, your bookings are with us directly and at our rates and not with any tradesman sent.


Any part of any hour is charged as a full hour.


If the tradesman has to return with parts required if they were not available at the time ie diy or plumbers merchants closed, then there is a one hour minimum charge per attendance and any future attendances are at the rate booked initially.


We only perform maintenance emergencies.


Any accidental damage to any property whilst the tradesman is solely down to the tradesman personally.


By making a booking and deposit payment whether online or on the phone means that you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to pay all monies owed and be accountable.


Additional Payment 1 - 64 pounds


Additional Payment 2 - 128 pounds



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